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Kingdom Finances: Keeping Your Eye On God While Watching Your Bank Account

You want to honor God in every area of your life - and that means working hard to create a financial situation that allows you to support your family, give back to your community, and support your ministry. If you didn't have the best financial example growing up, or if you've found that it's tough for you to get a handle on your finances, you may benefit from a financial coach who has similar values to you and your family.

When you work with a financial coach, you'll want to talk with them about the aspects of your financial life that you need to change. The more open and honest you're willing to be with your financial coach, the more they'll be able to help you. it can be hard to admit when you've made mistakes in your finances, and it can help to remember that it's likely that your financial coach has seen much worse. Your financial coach is not there to judge you, rather, they're there to help you develop a plan that will improve your family's financial health over time.

Your financial coach will talk with you about the exact information you need to bring to your phone appointment. Have your bank account information available and a copy of your past year's tax return. The more information you can provide to your financial coach, the better. If you're not completely sure of the state of your finances, that's ok. Many people who work with Vicki  need help getting an initial understanding of how their finances need to change, and it's ok if you need some help sorting through the details.

When you're working to improve your finances, you also want to improve your relationship with God. Luckily, the two can work together beautifully. Following a Kingdom finances plan and working with our financial coach who understands your commitment to honor God can be a great way to grow your spirituality and your bank account. While you may be trying to handle your finances on your own, there's nothing wrong with reaching out to our financial coach. God wants you to prosper and manage your money well, and working through the Kingdom Finances Program can be a great way to get your financial life back on track.

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