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Does Your Life Shine In This Dark World?

Updated: 2 days ago

God needs us to be His representative and His minister. The darkeness of sin is all around us. He needs our life to shine like a bright beacon of light. He has given us a position to fill that only we can fill. God does not want us to remove oursellves from the world. He needs ministers from every walk of life to spread the light of the Gospel right where we are in our own sphere of activity.

The early Church would not have been able to evangelize the world in two hundred years unless each part of the Body of Christ had been willing to accept their responsibility as a minister.

Since we were chosen, here, the word minister means, "a person sent to a foreign country to represent his own government." Therefore, you are a diplomat; here on earth to carry out the Will of God. (This doesn't mean to bombard people)

You and I have the same responsibility. With this responsibility He has also given us the power and ability we need to be victorious and to shine as lights in this world, leading men and women to Christ. It is important for you to determine where you fit as a minister in the Body of Christ.

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