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"Stick with God and Do Things His Way"

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God makes a way for us to grow that can be peaceful, no matter the situation. His peace is in us and it must flow through us. We can have peace of mind and inner contentment whether we "abase or abound." as Paul said (in other words) all the time, even during growth times.

We must not lose our joy, no matter what. The Word says in Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy of the Lord is our strength. I believe we can have joy, whether we are sleeping on a king-sized mattress in a palace or on a dirt floor in a prison. This kind of peace and this kind of joy is found in our relationship with God, it's found in our faith.

When we don't have faith, we won't have peace. When we don't have faith, we will have a hard time sustaining joy. We may have a fleeting happiness maybe, but no real joy. We abide in Christ and He abides in us, and that is what gives us the foundation to be able to handle what comes our way. He must be intimately woven into our heart if we are to be sustained during the discomfort of growth.

Remember that the Word says that prosperity destroys a fool, so don't be a fool. It's the wisdom of God that we gain that helps us to not be a fool. We should stick with God and do things His way because we need Him. We need His wisdom to prosper and navigate life with grace. It's that simple.

Scripture warns us to remember and not to forget the Lord when we become prosperous (Deut.) 8:18. We must keep God first and in the center of our lives. This is how He not only establishes His covenant on the earth, but also how we open ourselves up for greater and greater wealth and blessing into our lives, again, with no sorrow attached (Prov. 10:22).

Abraham moved through his growth point with the Lord with grace, honor and wisdom. Even though he was a "very rich" man, he never trusted in his prosperity or put it over God in his life. He would give away what he loved most if God asked. He proved this with the story of Isaac and the sacrifice. Abraham also proved it with the way he handled parting with his nephew, Lot.

*An excerpt from the book with the same title, written by Jesse Duplantis.

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