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Have You Let Go Of Your Covenant Promise?

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Take Possession of Your Inheritance

Abraham refused to let go of the covenant promise that God gave him. He persevered year after year, hoping against hope. All the odds were against him, yet he patiently endured. He held on to His covenant promise until it was manifested in his life.

We have entered into a blood covenant relationship with God through the blood of Jesus. He laid out His covenant promises in the Word, that provides everything we need. The time has come for us to take possession of our inheritance by claiming and appropriating by faith our covenant promises.

To walk in a covenant relationship with God where all your needs are met; you must first get the covenant promises into your spirit. You must know the promises and conditions under the blood covenant He has established.

All of the laws, conditions and promises of the covenant between God and Israel were written down by Moses in the "Book of the Covenant." This "Book of the Covenant" was the "title deed" to their inheritance.

A "title deed" is the "the deed constituting the evidence of a person's legal ownership." Under the New Covenant, God's Word, including both Old and New Testaments are the "Book of the Covenant." It contains the laws, conditions and promises of the blood covenant which God has made with us. It is the evidence of our legal rights!

There are some Christians today who fail to take possession of their full inheritance because they do not accept the promises God made to the children of Israel under the Old Covenant. What they fail to understand is that the covenant promises were not only made to Abraham and the nation of Israel, but to Abraham's SEED.

When we enter into a blood covenant relationship with God through the blood of Jesus; we become Abraham's seed. That is, God's spiritual Israel and it makes us spiritual heirs of all that God provided for His people.

We have inherited all the covenant promises of God. Today, we are God's COVENANT PEOPLE. His purpose for establishing an everlasting covenant has not changed. He promised, "I will never turn away from them, to do them good"; "I will rejoice over them to do them good"; "I am going to bring them all the good I am promising them."

God does not change. His purposes, His plan and His will for His people never change! My heart aches when I see God's people living below what God Provided for them. Many are barely eking out an existence, living from paycheck to paycheck, suffering sickness and disease in their bodies; worried and not knowing which way to turn.

God's heart is also grieved. He already provided everything we need in the covenant He made with us. He desires and is anxious to pour out His blessings upon us. Yet, the majority of His people are failing to walk in a covenant relationship with Him and are not taking possession of their covenant rights and privileges.

So many Christians today are desperately seeking an answer to getting their needs met, yet they are failing. They look to outside sources for getting their needs met. They depend upon their own abilities, their own resources, or their weekly paycheck to meet their financial needs. They depend upon doctors and medicine to meet their physical needs. They go from one preacher to another, looking for one that will give them the spiritual guidance and spiritual food they need.

So many Christians in the "Church" today when you ask them if they believe God's covenant promises wholeheartedly say, "Yes." Yet, when you look at their lives there is no evidence of faith and certainly no fulfillment of the promises being manifested in their day to day living.

God's covenant promises are for TODAY. God's purpose for establishing a blood covenant with us is so that He can bless us (God's spiritual Israel) above all the nations of the earth. We are His prized possessions and He rejoices in doing us good. He has given us covenant promises so that all of our needs will be met right NOW, right here, upon earth. In the heavenly New Jerusalem we won't need them!

The time has come for God's people to stop looking to outside sources and look to God as THE SOURCE for getting all their needs met.

Some people think, "If only I had great faith like Abraham, I would be able to get my needs met." Well, guess what? Abraham did not have a "complicated" faith. He did not have to go through spiritual "calisthenics" to produce the faith he needed to take possession of the promise God had given him. He simply received the promise and believed in the faithfulness and integrity of God, that He would do exactly what He said He would do. "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..." (Romans 4:18, NIV). He had a desire accompanied by expectation for fulfillment. Through this hope he believed and was fully persuaded that God had power to do what he promised.

To claim your covenant promises, you must:

1.) Receive God's covenant promises into your spirit knowing they have been sealed with the blood of Jesus and that they cannot fail.

2.) Be filled with hope, an expectation that you will receive what you have desired.

3.) Believe, have faith; be fully persuaded that God will do exactly what He has promised He will do. To obtain your covenant promises when they are manifested in your life, you must have one other very important ingredient that is often overlooked. Many Christians are seeking "instant" solutions. If they do not see the manifestation of the answer to their prayers, their faith waivers and they lose hope.